Genealogy Do-Over

Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm planning on participating in round two of the Genealogy Do-Over, hosted by Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers.

I had kept an eye on the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group throughout the first cycle, and did do a bit of clean up of my genealogy files and such; however, I spent so much time stressing over the organizing side of things that I didn't really follow through on much.

During this second cycle, I'm committed to keeping up, participating fully, and completing the program. I am fully aware that my family's research can only benefit from this process.

Below is the schedule planned for this cycle. I'm posting it here, as I plan to use the topic headings as a sort of index for my own posts in the coming weeks.

Week 1 – 3-9 April 2015

Setting Previous Research Aside
Preparing to Research
Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines

Week 2 – 10-16 April 2015

Setting Research Goals
Conducting Self Interview
Conducting Family Interviews

Week 3 – 17-23 April 2015

Tracking Research
Conducting Research

Week 4 – 24-30 April 2015

Managing Projects and Tasks
Tracking Searches

Week 5 – 1-7 May 2015

Building a Research Toolbox
Citing Sources

Week 6 – 8-14 May 2015

Evaluating Evidence
Reviewing Online Education Options

Week 7 – 15-21 May 2015

Reviewing Genealogy Database Software
Digitizing Photos and Documents

Week 8 – 22-28 May 2015

Conducting Collateral Research
Reviewing Offline Education Options

Week 9 – 29 May-4 June 2015

Conducting Cluster Research
Organizing Research Materials – Documents and Photos

Week 10 – 5-11 June 2015

Reviewing DNA Testing Options
Organizing Research Materials – Digital

Week 11 – 12-18 June 2015

Reviewing Social Media Options
Building a Research Network

Week 12 – 19-25 June 2015

Sharing Research
Reviewing Research Travel Options

Week 13 – 26 June-2 July 2015

Securing Research Data
Reviewing the Journey

Whew!  That's quite a list!  You can find Mr. MacEntee's post announcing these topics here.

I'm excited to begin this journey. Hope you'll follow along!

If you're also interested in participating, you can sign up for the weekly email notifications at Genealogy Do-Over Sign-Up.